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15th-Oct-2012 01:22 am - [sticky post] [STICKY] #1

In the meantime, check out my previous works...

25th-Jan-2013 09:53 pm - #130125#
9 months since my last post.
Lots of stuff happened of course.

Not sure what makes me write this post now, but I guess I miss the random rants, comments, fanlove, etc.

It's been forever since I last made any graphics too. Not because I didn't want to, but because I just couldn't make the time. See when I start Photoshopping, I keep going at it until the wee hours of morning, and with a full-time job, I just can't allow myself to lack any sleep. I also still have that weekend job, so no time then either.
But I really really miss it, and I hope I can get back to it soon.

I believe that last time I posted, I was unemployed. I had just been fired from my job at that breakdown service for trucks.
Since June '12 I've been working for a green energy supplier. It's actually more fun than it sounds. I have absolutely awesome colleagues whom I can hang out with, it's only at a 15minute drive from home, and I never work later than 7PM (which used to be 11PM at my previous job).
Things are going very well, and I should get my contract pretty soon.

I'm still forever single, though I did have a few "flirts" meanwhile.

I'm still living with my parents. FML

My cat's been very sick for the past 2 months, she's slowly starting to recover, so that's good =)

Sorry to all my LJ friends who I sorta abandoned. It seems a lot of people left LJ, so if any of you are still around, give me a wave :)

+ a random video. I don't know any of LedApple's music, but I really like this cover, so here you go
9th-May-2012 06:56 pm - [FANART] Junsu FC Men
I've started drawing a couple weeks back. First started out with chibi's, then went to videogame characters. And now, to Junsu.
I use a drawing grid to make it easier for me. It's not cheating, Leonardo Da Vinci used that too ! lol
Pencils used; 2H, HB, 2B

I've been told it doesn't look like him, but I'm sure fans would recognize him right away. I do need quite some practice tho. The eyes are way too small. There's more, but I shall not go into self-destruction lol.

Any constructive criticism and/or opinions are welcome. If you don't like it, you can tell me, I don't bite kill.

Based on this picture:
Who else was squirming when those p.e.r.f.e.c.t. abs came into view during the 2nd teaser? 8D
I think Jerry Slaughter was the best choice for this MV, it looks so sleek and hot and sexy and sensual in all the right ways, and we haven't even seen the whole thing yet!!

Okay enough flailing, here comes my first batch of Unequalled icons, not sure if there'll be more... Probably !
I did my best to make them of acceptable quality. It's not always easy when using screenshots. As usual, intense use of the sharpening tool, and my signature coloring. Oh, and odd angles too.

EXO fans, make sure to check out my previous batch of 51 EXO icons =)

As always, comments are appreciated, and please:

22nd-Apr-2012 04:21 pm - [ICONS] EXO (51)
I originally planned on posting these the day of EXO's debut, but then I forgot. And then I was my true self, the procrastinator.
Now I'm posting, cause I'm supposed to be doing something else. I never do what I'm supposed to. Or at least I try =P

Not all members are included in this batch, simply because I didn't find any inspiring pictures of all of them. As usual, I took multiple angles of the same picture, and I made excessive use of the sharpening tool. Cause that's how I roll.
I hope you enjoy.

As always, comments are appreciated, and please:
*There's 51 icons total, I deleted 1 last minute cause I deemed it not good enough to post*

It's not amazing, but anyways =)
For anyone who wants to decorate their desktop with a C-JeS inspired IN HEAVEN still.

Let's hope for some HD footage once the MV comes out, so I can PS my life away.

I might come up with something a bit more sophisticated later this week.
Here I am again,
Just when I was complaining about a lack of stock images, I get my hands on some great caps from Scent of a Woman !

Junsu-yah, my muse, oh how I've missed you!


You're So Beautiful~Collapse )

7th-Aug-2011 12:27 am - [ICONS] Mixed Batch #2
Yes, I'm still alive and well.
Feeling bad for not updating in ages.
So I decided to upload random icons I made over the past few months, whenever I had some free time & spirit to actually do stuff ^_^;;
Nothing extraordinary. Tbh I feel like making a whole batch tonight, but unfortunately my stock folder hasn't had any additions in weeks, and thus I have already iconed most of my stock images.

Hope you like what you see.
As always, free to use with proper credit.

1st-May-2011 10:55 pm - New header & stuffs =)
I spent forever scanning my Xiahzart shirt for this lol

I am going to see Rain in Dresden on the 19th, yesh! Got the day off ^^ and the next =) .
I'm going to wait with changing my windshield. I rly can't afford it rn, surely not with all costs that come along with a SM Town concert !
VIP-tix + hotel + fuel + public transportation + food + more food + random lets-spend-money-in-Paris-rampages, etc.

I hope you're all well, and that I'll see lots of you in Paris ^__^

List of confirmed people;

I'm pretty sure the Last Angel girls will be there too, lol
And maybe akita_ino ? =)

I shall go and drink some milk now.
27th-Apr-2011 10:53 pm - More shit

When I finally have money to spend, this shit happens.

Car insurance:
New windshield:
New brake pads:

€ 219,76
€ 836,22
€ 118,00
€ 400,00
€ 1.573,98

I feel like crying rn...
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